Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)

Get up to 50% funding if your business embarks on productivity improvement projects that share gains with low wage workers earning S$1,700 or less per month.

  • All Singapore-registered businesses operating in Singapore.
  • To encourage businesses to become more productive by co-funding projects that:
    • improve productivity using measurable indicators, e.g. productivity per worker, revenue per worker, value-added per worker, etc.
    • improve the value of low-wage jobs and raise the wages of the bottom 20% of the workforce (earning S$1,700 or less per month)
  • Eligible projects include:
    • automation and mechanisation (e.g. purchase of equipment)
    • process re-engineering
    • registration of intellectual property rights
    • adopting Best Sourcing Initiative (BSI) standards
    • training programmes
    • job redesign
  • Up to S$150,000 per project and S$500,000 per company per year:
    • up to 50% co-funding for use of equipment/technology and process re-engineering
    • up to 90% co-funding for training directly relevant to productivity improvement

  • To qualify for co-funding, your project must demonstrate benefits to both operations and workers:
    • business operations are more efficient, produce higher quality products and services and/or become faster in adapting and responding to market conditions
    • productivity gains are shared with low-wage workers (e.g. higher salaries, performance incentives, etc.)
  • Funds cannot be used directly to pay for employees’ wages.
  • Launched in August 2010, IGP replaces the 5-year old Job Re-Creation Programme. The programme champions productivity efforts for low wage workers across all sectors.

Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)
e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)

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