Productivity Improvement Project (PIP) Scheme

Operate your business more efficiently by re-engineering your work processes and adopting labour-efficient technologies.

  • Singapore-registered construction-reated businesses
  • To encourage businesses:
    • improve site processes and boost productivity
    • adopt labour efficient construction technologies
    • develop new capabilities within the company or industry
Up to 50% or 70% of development project costs, depending on the company type.
Applicant  Funding Cap 
Business Up to 50%, capped at S$100,000
Prefabricators Up to 50%, capped at S$500,000
Industry* Up to 70%, capped at S$1M 

*The project must be led actively by government agency, with at least 2 unrelated participating companies. The funding support is for the companies only.

  • Funds are given on reimbursement basis and upon completion of project deliverables.
Productivity Improvement Project (PIP) Scheme
Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

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