Bidding For Government Tenders and Contracts

Consider using Government contracts to grow revenue, build credibility and increase your company profile.

The Government is made up of numerous organisations – ministries, statutory boards and other linked agencies – and buys some S$10 billion in goods and services every year.

Being a small company does not mean you are unable to bid for Government contracts. The Government procurement process has been streamlined so that smaller suppliers have equal opportunity in winning a contract.

As a small and medium enterprise, you are now able to enjoy a more flexible system:

  1. No need for track record to pre-register for potential tenders.
  2. Relaxed rules on the amount of security deposit required.
  3. SMEs can form consortiums to bid for projects.

Types Of Government Purchases

Government agencies generally purchase goods, services or construction services.

Based on the value of the contract, they will procure through 3 procedures:

  1. Small Value Purchases (up to S$3,000)
  2. Quotations (S$3,001 to S$70,000)
  3. Tenders (above S$70,000)
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How To Get Started

  1. Register as a GeBIZ Trading Partner
  2. Browse GeBIZ – the Government’s procurement portal – for business leads.
  3. Sign up for daily GeBIZ alerts to be sent directly to you.

What To Take Note Of

Give yourself sufficient time to prepare for your quotation or tender bid. You need to submit your quotation by the deadline, so submit early to avoid last-minute rush.

Double-check your bid and pricing. You cannot revise your bid after the quotation or tender has closed.

Ensure your business is operationally- and financially-ready to take on the contract if you win. Some tenders may ask for security deposits which will only be refunded at the end of the contract.