Government Assistance

The Government has various business assistance schemes to help you gain access to loans, equity financing, grants and incentives. This is especially useful for entrepreneurs who are not familiar with the various financing options.

Seed Funding For Start-Ups

Need funds to turn an idea into a commercially viable business? This type of funding is usually referred to as seed funding.

Seed money is often in modest amounts and is most commonly provided by angel or other private investors in the earliest stages of your start-up.

The Government has schemes where they match funds provided by a private investor so as to encourage more seed funding for promising start-ups.

Grants For Start-Ups

You can receive financial assistance that does not need to be repaid. This type of funding is usually referred to as a grant.

Many grants are for specific projects or industries and require start-ups to go through an application process. Grants often have specific compliance and reporting requirements.

Tax Incentives For Start-Ups

You can receive an exemption, reduction, or deduction in taxes that you have to pay by applying for the tax incentive schemes provided by the Government.

Tax incentives are useful in preserving profits and cash flow, which are critical in the start-up stages of your business.

Scheme Basic Eligibility (For Who) Stage Of Start-Up Incentive

Tax Exemption For Start-ups
Helps start-ups preserve cash flow and profits.

Singapore-incorporated start-ups

Early stage

No tax on the first S$100,000 of chargeable income for the first 3 years of tax assessment.

R&D Incentive For Start-Up Enterprises (RISE) Scheme
Encourages start-ups to carry out more research and development (R&D) in Singapore.

Singapore-incorporated start-ups that carry out R&D activities in Singapore.

Early stage

Cash grant up to S$20,250 for the first 3 years of tax assessment.

Get Non-Financial Assistance

You can receive non-financial assistance, for example when looking for premises or investors for your start-up.

  • Home Office (HO) Scheme
    Start-ups and small businesses can save on business costs like office rental by working from home.
  • i.MATCH Programme
    Participate in this programme if you wish to invest in interactive digital media start-ups or if you are a start-up sourcing for funding to commercialise your products or services.
  • RentDirect Scheme
    Businesses can rent vacant State buildings faster and simpler by making direct rental offers to the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).