Liquor Licence (Extension Of Operating Hours)

Get this licence to extend the operating hours permitted under your Liquor Licence or Liquor Licence (Temporary).

Fast facts

Licensing Agency Liquors Licensing Unit
Cost Of Licence S$4–S$22 per extended hour
Minimum Licence Processing Time 14 working days

When do I need this licence?

  • You need this licence to extend the operating hours permitted under your Liquor Licence or Liquor Licence (Temporary). If you retail, wholesale or serve liquor outside the permitted hours without getting the extension, you could be fined up to S$5,000.
  • You can get a “regular extension” or “ad-hoc extension” for ordinary Liquor Licences. You can only get “ad-hoc extensions” for temporary liquor licences.
    • Regular extensions are extensions for particular days, e.g. Saturday of every month.
    • Ad-hoc extensions are one-off and usually date-specific, e.g. 31 July 2007.

Who is eligible to hold this licence?

What are the licence fees?

  • Regular extensions
    • S$22 per hour for 0-3 month extensions
    • S$4 per hour for more than 3 month extensions
  • Ad-hoc extensions
    • S$22 per hour

What laws & regulations do I have to comply with before I can obtain this licence?

  1. Your premises should already be approved for operations. Please obtain approvals, if needed, from the relevant authorities (e.g. change of use from the Urban Redevelopment Authority).
  2. If you are self-employed (e.g. sole-proprietors), you must also ensure that you have no outstanding CPF Medisave liabilities before applying or renewing your licence.

Things to note

  • You cannot renew this licence. You need to re-apply when or before it expires.

For more info

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