Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) Training Grant

Get a grant for formal training and certification for your staff in professional energy management.

  • Singapore-registered or Singapore-based businesses or organizations who wish to send their staff for formal energy management training and certification.
  • The applicant of the grant must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Employees sent for training (“Trainees”) must:
    • be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents
    • have a relevant degree in engineering or science
    • have at least 1 year of relevant engineering experience after obtaining their engineering or science degree
    • be nominated by your business, and
    • provide a letter of support from your company
  • Trainees must sign up for the full SCEM Programme at Professional Level and provide a letter of support from the employer at the time of application.
  • To encourage businesses to develop employees’ technical skills and competence in energy services and management by providing training subsidies.
  • Upon completion of this internationally-recognised programme, the qualified trainee should be able to perform technical and managerial functions in the following areas:
    • energy audits, management and measurements
    • energy retrofitting services
    • financial advisor for energy efficiency measures and contracting
    • consultation and procurement services
    • facility and energy management
    • energy engineering works
  • Funds are allocated to Registered Training Providers (RTP). The RTPs pass on these savings to course participants in the form of lower course fees.
  • The full SCEM programme fee is S$5,885 (including GST). Trainees only need to pay S$963 (including GST) upfront for the full 144-hour professional level SCEM Programme, which consists of 4 core and 2 elective modules.
  • Employers can also claim ‘Absentee Payroll Subsidy’ for company-sponsored trainees under the Skills Retraining Programme (SRP) for attending 144 hours of training.
  • Application for the SCEM Training Grant should be made via the Registered Training Providers (RTP).
  • Please refer to the respective RTPs’ websites for more details on course dates and application process:

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