Employability Skills System (ESS) for Employers

Get a grant to train your staff in any of the 10 employability skills identified by WDA.

  • Singapore-registered or Singapore-based businesses sponsoring trainees who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.
  • To encourage employers to train their workers in employability skills – foundation skills that can be transferred and applied in different jobs and work demands.
  • Examples:
    • Communication and Relationship Management
    • Initiative and Enterprise
    • Problem-solving and Decision-making

    10 Employability Skills Identified by WDA
    Search the Library of Courses for pre-approved courses at SDF EasyNet
Type of Employee Course Funding Absentee Payroll
For employees aged 40 years and above with ‘A’ Levels and below 90% of course fees, capped at S$16 per trainee hour 90% of hourly salary, capped at S$6.80 per trainee hour
Other employees 90% of course fees, capped at S$11 per trainee hour 80% of hourly salary, capped at S$6 per trainee hour
  • For any training conducted after working hours, the employer must top up the other 10% or 20% (up to S$1.50 an hour) of the absentee payroll and pay 100% of the absentee payroll to the employee.
  • There are broadly two sets of Employability Skills modules:
    1. Appraisal for Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Modules
      • For these modules, you must first send your staff for formal appraisal at the Centre of Employability Skills.
      • The appraisal determines which training module your employees should attend. It will appraise their proficiency in Reading, Listening and Numeracy.
      • Please contact:
        Centre for Employability Skills
        Bukit Merah Skills Development Centre
        141 Redhill Road
        Singapore 158828
        Tel: (65) 6471 7107
    2. Appraisal for Workplace Skills (WPS) Modules
      • For these modules, you can appraise your employees on your own.
      • WDA has developed an “Employers’ Guide to the Singapore Employability Skills System and Appraisal of Workers for Training” to provide advice and guidance to employers.
      • If you would like a copy of the guide, please contact wda_ess_enquiry@wda.gov.sg

Employability Skills System (ESS)
Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)

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