20 Dec 2011
All Lorry Crane Operators To Be Certified By September 2013

New training course and test to enhance safety.

By September 2013, all lorry crane operators must be certified under a new training course aimed at enhancing safe operations of cranes.

The new course was developed by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, after it consulted the National Crane Safety Taskforce.

Called the Lorry Crane Operator Course (LCOC), the 2-and-half day programme for new operators will:

  • equip them with the basic skills and competencies to operate lorry cranes safely
  • help them to identify possible hazards and implement control measures
  • ensure safe lifting operations

Under the WSH (Operation of Cranes) Regulations, a new lorry crane operator will have to complete the LCOC and pass the course before he is allowed to operate a lorry crane.

Those who have at least 3 years of experience only need to take the Lorry Crane Operator Competency Test.

Registration for the course starts from January 2012.

For more information to enroll in this course, companies/participants may check BCA Academy or Wong Fong Training Hub.

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